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When a bank is forced to take over a home and proper maintenance is not planned for, things can deteriorate quickly, lowering the value of both the asset and the surrounding neighborhood, and potentially amassing thousands of dollars in fines.

The solution? Shore REO

We preserve bank owned assets, whether it requires environmental services such as oil and mold remediation, property preservation and maintenance, or property rehabilitation and demolition.


• Many neighborhood associations have fines for non-compliance. When homes fall into disrepair, these fines can add up for the bank

• In the borough of Queens in NY, 969 of the 1,157 bank-owned homes currently have open violations from city inspectors

• The New York Daily News cites several examples, including a Brooklyn residence that leans like a drunk on a bender, features a lovely crack in the front exterior wall and whose chimney has fallen onto a neighboring building

• A Middlesex Borough, NJ councilman has proposed slapping a $500 daily fine on the new owners of foreclosed homes that are not properly maintained, according to a report in Gannett

• Boston city officials said Wells Fargo & Co. and Bank of America owe more than $80,000 in fines for allowing many vacant properties in foreclosure to fall into disrepair and blight neighborhoods


With REO, every project is different, and you need the know-how and the skills to make sure things go smoothly.

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